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How Long Does Phentermine Stay & Work In The Body?

How Long Does Phentermine Stay & Work In The Body

Phentermine works as an adjuvant in a weight loss regimen. It reduces exogenous obesity by staying in the body for days after administration. While using phentermine, the next dose is taken before the complete elimination of the drug. After the last dose, it takes three to five days for complete removal with normal metabolism. Metabolic rate and body type define phentermine stay in the patient’s bloodstream. Fast metabolism and thin body type make the stay of phentermine shorter because they fasten phentermine movement through the digestive system.

Toxicity of phentermine’s overdose:

Phentermine is a controlled drug to suppress appetite. Physicians prescribe individualized doses to get maximum results with the lowest effective dose. The maximum dose of phentermine is 37.5 mg. This is the highest effective dose. Drug effectiveness ranges between lowest to highest effective dose but causes serious side effects above the highest dose, termed as a toxic dose. In the case of phentermine abuse for longer time or use of larger dose to get the effect when tolerance build-up, chronic intoxication results in severe side effects.

Phentermine therapy for a short time:

Phentermine is a drug of Schedule IV, a classification which classifies drugs depending on their possibility of abused or overdose. Class I has a higher tendency and it decreases in the next classes gradually. Phentermine shows a low potential for abuse. It can cause dependence by working as CNS stimulant and tolerance may occur which reduces its effectiveness. So phentermine’s use must be viewed carefully and that’s why it is prescribed for almost 12 weeks and the least effective dose should be selected to reduce the chances of overdosage.

Gradual cessation of phentermine therapy:

Phentermine is a sympathomimetic drug. It is used according to prescription to avoid overdose or misuse of the drug. After completion of therapy, it is recommended to gradually decrease the dose. Sudden termination of dose may produce withdrawal effects. These effects include depression, lethargy, fatigue, insomnia and personality change.

Weight loss  and weight maintenance after phentermine:

It is not difficult to reduce weight after cessation of phentermine therapy. Phentermine is an aid that helps in weight loss with a calorie control diet and regular exercise. Effectiveness of phentermine is greater at the start of therapy and then it reduces. So ending its use does not abruptly change the weight-loss pathway. It gives speed to fat loss which can easily be controlled with calorie-restricted diet and exercise.

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