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Phentermine & Food to Eat Along While Taking It

Phentermine & Food to Eat Along While Taking It

An adequate amount of water is necessary with phentermine otherwise dehydration causes side effects. Phentermine gives the feeling of fullness and this effect is enhanced with protein which takes longer to digest. This makes you feel full faster. Protein also helps to give strength to your muscles during weight loss. Eating healthy fiber, vegetables and fruits give good results as they provide full feeling with low calories and fats. Fruits and vegetables have an alkaline property, which keeps the body at a low alkaline level and maintains pH of urine which helps phentermine to stay in the body for a maximum time and are suitable to take along phentermine.

Foods to avoid with Phentermine:

Avoid acidifying foods with phentermine because they increase its excretion with inhibition of fat burning. So avoid coffee, sugar, soda white flour items and ice cream. Alcohols affect liver function to burn fats. Carbohydrates rich diet and sugar provide fructose; need to be metabolized by the liver which is converted to fat if not metabolized properly while on phentermine liver is busy for phentermine metabolism.

Time phentermine takes to flush out of the system:

Time, which is taken to eliminate drugs depends on different factors which include dose, duration of use, weight, and age of the patient. Metabolism of the person also affects phentermine excretion. It takes three to five days for a person of average metabolism and weight to remove phentermine out of the body after stopping its use. But it varies with changing factors. Patient with slow metabolism takes more time to flush out phentermine.

Excretion of phentermine out of the system:

Phentermine is a sympathomimetic amine anorectic, reaches peak concentration after three to four hours of administration. After absorption from the gastrointestinal tract, it comes into blood circulation. The Liver converts phentermine into its metabolites. It is reported that about 6% of administered dose goes through metabolism by the liver. The pathway to flush out phentermine is urine. It is excreted in the urine. 70-80% of the administered dose is excreted unchanged.

Phentermine excretion in 24 hours:

Larger intake of water and other fluids helps to eliminate phentermine rapidly. All factors including food items and medications, which make the urine more acidic enhance phentermine excretion.  The patient’s age is related to drug metabolism. An individualized lowest effective dose for phentermine is prescribed to get the required result. In the case of the lowest dose, it takes a shorter period to get out of the body.

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