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Phentermine & Its Mechanism of Action

Phentermine & Its Mechanism of Action

Certain drugs are used to facilitate the weight loss process with regular exercise and calories controlled, well-balanced diet. The most popular drug in this regard is phentermine, used worldwide. It is a drug of anorectics class generally called appetite suppressants. The use of phentermine reduces calorie intake by appetite suppression, which ultimately reduces weight. Its working is linked to its stimulant effect on the central nervous system. Neurons release norepinephrine and dopamine after stimulation and the level of neurotransmitters increases. These neurotransmitters suppress appetite and that’s how phentermine works.

Need to prescribe phentermine:

Physicians prescribe this drug of control category as an aid to weight loss when the patient is obese and has different risk factors like high cholesterol, diabetes or high blood pressure. It becomes necessary to reduce weight on an urgent basis. Body mass index of the patient is calculated and if the calculated value is equal or greater than 27 kg/m2 or 30 kg/m2, phentermine is prescribed. The patient is given a calorie chart to follow with regular exercise.

The maximum daily dose of phentermine:

Physicians prescribe phentermine for obese patients at risk of different medical issues to reduce weight. It is prescribed for a short period with a calorie control diet and exercise program. Best results obtained with a diet program. The dose of phentermine ranges from 18.75 mg to 37.5 mg. 37.5 mg is the maximum dose of phentermine that a patient can take daily. The drug can be taken once daily before breakfast or three times a day before meals.

Ways to increase its efficiency:

Phentermine is prescribed only for a shorter period to fasten the fat loss process. Phentermine works better with a limited calorie diet and exercise. Diet should be controlled and calculated calories should be taken according to need. Phentermine works by reducing appetite which helps to take fewer calories and remains satisfied and controls unhealthy eating habits. Regular exercises are recommended to facilitate muscle mass loss and to provide strength to muscles. These lifestyle modifications enhance the efficiency of phentermine.

Expected weight loss with phentermine:

The fat loss process can be boosted with phentermine. It is recommended for patients older than 16 years for almost 12 weeks. Average weight reduction is 5% of starting body weight with the use of phentermine. After completion of therapy, it may increase up to 10%. Phentermine speeds up weight loss along with exercise and controlled diet.

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