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Role Of Phentermine In Reducing Obesity

Role Of Phentermine In Reducing Obesity

Obese patients who are suffering from other problems like high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, diabetes needs to reduce weight with speed. Special diet chart with exercises helps in this way but it needs aid which makes this easy. Patients’ body mass index is calculated and if this value is higher than 27 kg/m2 or sometimes this value is taken as 30 kg/m2, then physicians prescribe phentermine. Phentermine is a famous weight lowering medicine which works by appetite suppression. It gives satiety and helps to control calorie intake which helps to get rid of problematic weight.  Initially, it helps to reduce 5% of initial body weight which may increase to 10%.

How Long Phentermine Stay In Blood

Phentermine after absorption comes directly into the blood. It starts producing an effect as the concentration rises to peak level. Tests are performed to check phentermine presence in blood and results show that it appears for only 24 hours after administration. Its half-life is 24 hours and it requires five to six half-life for its complete metabolism.

Time Phentermine takes to start its actions

The physician prescribes phentermine to reduce body weight. It is used in the form of tablets and extended-release capsules. After administration of dosage form, it takes almost three to four hours for the drug to reach its maximum concentration. The drug effect is related to drug concentration in the blood. Phentermine begins to give its stimulant effect in almost 3 hours.

Causes of the Phentermine’s failure to produce the response

Phentermine’s use is restricted to a short period. It is a controlled substance that must be used according to prescription because this can be abused. A higher dose than the recommended one and then taking it for a longer time may result in loss of response.  This phenomenon is called tolerance. In this condition, the body stops responding against drug use and it occurs due to the saturation of receptors. Repeated exposure to phentermine also causes tolerance.

Place online order for phentermine

It is very easy to buy phentermine online. Different websites are working which are involved in online dealing with phentermine. Phentermine manufacturers are now dealing directly with their consumers through their official websites. Ordering from any other website dealing with phentermine must be checked whether it is licensed or not. The drug must be ordered from a licensed website. Ordering directly from manufacturers is very safe as they are performing all procedures according to rules and regulations.

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